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Mask.qp: the clothing for winners. Born from creativity, sportiness and how I personally prefer to wear my clothes; comfy but stylish.

A winning mentality arises every time my team and I are playing a match. “Mask Off” is derived out of this mentality. The person I am today is because I fought for what I believed in and put in all the hard work that was necessary to achieve my goals. Mask is not only about the “winning mentality”, but it is also an alter ego that gives me that extra spirit and strength during a match. With Mask.qp clothing, I want to pass on this feeling of inner strength.

The Mask logo is very personal because it originated from my initials, QP. The logo combine with my passions, Soccer, and Clothing, formed my first collection of Mask.qp clothing.


You should definitely have one of these new items from the new collection in your wardrobe. The items are made from a comfortable fabric and are also perfect to wear as an everyday look.


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